Marta Mytych

About Me

It started with an inner feelings. After a whole life without fully expressing myself I took a camera in my hand and began to express my emotions and thoughts. Through photography I’ve finally accepted my sensitivity. In my work I like to show my interpretation of every persons feelings, emotions that they are hiding deep down inside. I try to capture a moment of distraction, of people letting their guard down. I like to talk with people, get to know them better. I’m always looking for a deeper connection – and the camera becomes a tool for achieving that. My work exist in a space of serenity. Sometimes nostalgic, sometimes calm. I am also creating self portraits – investigating my own emotions and responses to the lives surrounding me.

My work is about acceptance, of all the things that make us into human beings. Many people today spend a lot of time hiding themselves – including myself in the past. I want to help people gain acceptance of all their possible selves through my photography.

Minimalism inspires me. Both in life and in my photography I enjoy the art of less. Calmness, details,  focus only on a few essential elements of the composition and geometry.